For heaven’s sake, make him go

bad idea

It’s passed time for Labour’s 172 MPs who have no confidence in their leader to declare themselves the official Opposition. The crisis is bigger than the future of the Labour Party. The national interest demands an Opposition front bench that has the competence and inclination to begin to engage with the issues facing the country.

As I write, I’m reading that there is no agreement among Labour MPs regarding who should be the figurehead behind whom they should unite. If they can resolve this, they can depose Jeremy Corbyn immediately by asking the Speaker of the House of Commons to recognise them as the official Opposition.

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Write to your MP now to make sure Parliament decides Britain’s future

westminster.jpgThree constitutional lawyers – Nick Barber, Tom Hickman and Jeff King – have written an important analysis of the legal considerations around any decision by the UK to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and thereby begin the process of leaving the UK.

My concern in writing this is that MPs may be so engrossed in the leadership battles convulsing the two main parties that they may not be taking the time to become fully conversant with their responsibilities in the decision. David Cameron and plenty of our European partners are talking as if invoking Article 50 is simply a formality and all that’s at issue is the timing. In fact, it is MPs who have the ultimate say, and they should not blindly concede the ground to the Prime Minister – whether David Cameron or his successor

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